indieVelo Founder Monthly

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$12.99 / month


The indieVelo Founders Club provides a low-cost option to support our development.  As a member of the Founders Club you will receive a number of benefits including:

  • Your name in the in-game credits.
  • Access to an exclusive Discord forum.
  • Early access to in-game features, such as your own team kits and ability to create your own custom UIs.
  • Early access to new versions and platforms, such as indieVelo’s iPhone & iPad releases.
  • A lifelong warm feeling inside from helping support the creation and development of a new virtual sport.

And, when indieVelo moves to a fully commercial offering, members of the Founders Club will continue to enjoy discounted pricing.

3 reviews for indieVelo Founder Monthly

  1. Stepan Lee (verified owner)

    At this moment okt. 2023 it is a promising platform. I do however feel that the platform is lacking the oppertunity of real rides, as you can in RGT, bkool and rouvy . I will miss 1000m plus mountian rides like alpe duez, where I can compare my earlier results. If Indievelo could give us this option that would be great.

  2. Patrick Charlton

    I love the fact that is so configurable. Have tried virtually every trainer app. This is already up there with the best. I wish there were some races for older riders 60 +

  3. Robert Rijnders

    Let’s give indieVelo a try, shall we. I’ve done so with all new platforms – I hope indieVelo is not going to end up like RGT Cycling, though. I’m out when “big tech” takes over… A bit of Zwift, Rouvy and RGT? I’ll let you know 😂

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