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Last Updated: 30 May 2023

indieVelo is a new and innovative physical esports platform with a vision of defining the future of virtual sport. To ensure that you can get the most out of the platform, indieVelo collects information about you and your performances, and some of this information is also shared with other users - and with your explicit permission, with other companies that you choose to share it with.

Your privacy is important, and this Privacy Policy document explains how indieVelo collects, uses and shares the information obtained through your use of indieVelo. It may be updated from time to time, and we will notify you of this by changing the date at the top of the Policy. We encourage you to review the Policy to stay informed about how your data is used, and the choices available to you.


Collection of Information

To use indieVelo you will need to create an account. To do this, you will need to provide us with your email address, and a profile. The profile contains real-world information about yourself, such as your name, gender, date of birth, country, height, weight and performance information such as your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

While you are using indieVelo, the platform will collect data about your performance, such as your power, cadence and heartrate, as well as information about the type of activity that you choose to do, such as whether you are doing a workout or racing, and more detailed information such as what route you are following and any actions that you take.

Further, indieVelo collects system performance information, such as your computer's hardware configuration and operating system, screen resolution, settings and the output frames per second.

Use of Information

indieVelo uses the information collected to improve your training and racing experience. This may include information about who else is using the system, including their performances and results, as well as allowing you to connect and engage with them, and them with you. We may also send you information about indieVelo and the services we offer using the email address you give us, and communicate with you to help and support you using the platform. This may include news and information that we think will interest you, such as event and ranking information, competitions, promotions and other activities related to indieVelo.

To ensure a fair training and racing experience for all users of indieVelo, the data you provide is also used to monitor your performance. In particular, it is used to detect "cheating" in competitive events, and if the data you provide is determined, in indieVelo's sole discretion, to be inaccurate we may decide to apply sanctions to your account. This may include disqualification from the results from events that you enter, in-game measures (such as slowing your in-game speed down) to ensure that everyone else has a fair training and racing experience, and we additionally reserve the right to ban you from using the platform altogether.

Sharing of Information

indieVelo shares information about you with other users. This includes your profile information, including your name, gender, age and country, and performance information such as your power, cadence, heartrate and in-game activities performed while using indieVelo. This information is available to other users live while you are using indieVelo, and in certain circumstances is also available after you have finished, for instance in the results of events that you have entered.

indieVelo also reserves the right to share such information with people and companies who are not necessarily users of the platform - for example, by publishing the results of events on a website visible to the general public, or where screenshots or video of the platform in use are shared on social media.

Information that can help uniquely identify you, such as your email address or date of birth, are not shared with either other users, or non-users, of indieVelo.

Additionally, you may choose to share the data you provide to indieVelo with 3rd parties - for example, with other fitness companies such as Strava. If you choose to do this, indieVelo will share the data you select with the companies that you select, but thereafter that data is no longer under the exclusive control of indieVelo, and indieVelo cannot control what those companies do with it.

indieVelo reserves the right to share aggregated information about users and their collective activities on indieVelo with 3rd parties, where such information cannot be reasonably used by a 3rd party to identify individual users. Individual identifying information will not be sold or passed on to others except where indieVelo is required to do so, such as in response to lawful requests by public authorities to meet national security or law enforcement requirements, or it is necessary to carry out indieVelo's core activities, such as sharing data with consultants or contractors to help identify cheating on the platform, or it is in connection with the collective transfer of ownership of all or part of indieVelo's business to another company.

Retention of Information

indieVelo stores the information collected about you for as long as it is necessary for the purposes it was collected for, as outlined above. If you delete your account with indieVelo, within 30 days we will delete any information we hold related to the account other than that which is already in the public domain (for example, we will not delete the results of races that you entered that have already been published and shared with others, as outlined above), nor any information that is required to be retained by law or other such legitimate business purposes.

Your Choices

You may choose to update profile information held about you at any time by using the profile management option within the indieVelo application. You can choose to delete your account, or update your preferences about receiving promotional communications by email by emailing If you choose to not receive promotional emails, we may still email you about non-promotional information, such as responding to any requests for help, or updates about your account status or our services.

Where you have provided consent to share your data with 3rd parties, you can withdraw that consent at any time by contacting either the 3rd party or parties directly, or by emailing

Your Legal Rights

In addition to all of these, you have certain rights and protections under the law regarding the processes of your data. While the full detailed legal obligations vary from place to place, in general they are summarised as follows:

indieVelo will process your personal data only when we have your consent to do so (which you can withdraw, as outlined above), it is necessary to perform our responsibilities in providing a service to you, and/or there is a legitimate business interest in doing so. You have the right to ask us to stop processing your personal data if you believe that none of these apply any longer, for example if you choose to delete your account.

You have the right to access the personal data we hold about you and to ask that your personal data be corrected, deleted or transferred. Where you have provided this data to us with your consent, you have the right to ask us for a copy of this data in a structured machine readable format and to ask us to share that data with a 3rd party.

If you have a concern about the processing of your personal data, you have the right to contact us at and we will endevour to deal with your query. Where you think we have infringed any relevant data protection laws, this does not prejudice your right to lodge a complaint with the relevant legal body in your country.

Please note that these rights are limited, for example they would not apply if your request would adversely affect the operation of indieVelo, other individuals, where there are overriding public interests or where we are required by law to retain your personal data.


If you have any questions or queries about your personal data, or the application of this Privacy Policy, please contact indieVelo at

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