indieVelo is founded on 3 fundamental principles that underpin why indieVelo exists, how it aims to shape the future, and what makes it unique - transforming cycling together.

  • Transforming

indieVelo's core purpose is to define the future of virtual sport.  Its aim is to collaborate across the industry in building the highest quality and most valued online cycling technology to benefit everyone no matter where they ride.

indieVelo can do this precisely because it is a small agile company, free to focus on riders needs, proactively seek out new ways to help, understand what cyclists actually want and pursue new ways of delivering that.  By adopting a "Skunk Works" mentality, independent innovation, unencumbered by bureaucracy is what allows indieVelo to be the very best in its field.

  • Cycling

indieVelo believes that what you see and experience online should be genuine athletic performance.  Fairness and authentic achievement has been built into indieVelo's DNA from day one.

While appreciating that there will always be a small number of people who cheat online to try and win, indieVelo works on the basis that the actions of a few should not spoil the enjoyment of the many.  indieVelo embraces the "Type 2 Fun" philosophy we all enjoy when riding, of choosing to do this not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

  • Together

indieVelo doesn't have a community, it is a community.   With no external shareholders or investors, 100% of indieVelo's roadmap is driven by your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.  It is a true partnership - a community of peers where what gets built is what you want to see and experience in your online cycling.

The thing that matters the most to us all is the value of shared experiences in sport, even if we happen to not all be in the same place.  indieVelo provides the forum for us all to connect with each other, to inspire, encourage and motivate each other, and push each other to greater achievements.

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