indieVelo is currently in closed beta testing on Windows PC and Apple Mac.

Note that due to Apple's default privacy and security settings, Mac users may need to give permission for indieVelo to use Bluetooth to connect to your devices.  For full instructions on how to do this, please click here.

Minimum Specifications

indieVelo has been designed to run on the widest possible range of computers. You can adjust a variety of in-game settings to increase or decrease the quality of the graphics to suit the capabilities of your computer. On minimum settings it runs successfully on 10+ year old laptops (albeit at a relatively low frame rate), but if you have modern hardware indieVelo also supports 4k displays at 120 fps.

In general the performance of indieVelo depends mostly on your graphics card - anything from the last 5 years should run well.

The absolute minimum specifications are based on just the operating system:

  • Windows 10 64-bit; or
  • MacOS 10.14.0 (Mojave).

Note that the Mac release of indieVelo is designed for both Intel chipsets and Apple silicon. If your Mac supports the Metal API, indieVelo uses this for hardware-accelerated graphics.

Other Platforms

indieVelo currently supports a very early alpha level version on Android 12 / 13 (most phones and tablets produced in 2022 & 2023).  This is being rolled out to members of the indieVelo Founders Club first.  If you would like to be part of the trial group testing this, please email

AppleTV, iPad and iOS versions of indieVelo are on the roadmap.  In the short term however, the focus during the early part of the beta trials is on just the wired desktop/laptop platforms.  This is because iOS and other such platforms require going through an App store which slows the pace of development down.  Once the Android version is looking good, and any mobile specific issues resolved, then focus will switch to branching out to other platforms.

indieVelo is designed to be easily ported across multiple platforms (the entire Mac version took just 2 weeks to do), so once it reaches a slower rate of new features then the extra platforms will be quickly added in.

In the interim, it is worth noting that indieVelo runs on significantly lower specification PCs / Macs than many other applications. Although not ideal, when set to minimum graphics settings, indieVelo may run on older laptops / desktops that you may not have considered before as being viable for online cycling.

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