Imagine if online cycling were an Olympic sport

We are indieVelo, a new and innovative physical esports platform, defining the future of virtual sport.

Come and join our vibrant community.

Let's transform cycling together.

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Win or lose, your results are based on your skills as a rider.

Every decision you make in our virtual world – such as draft positioning, cornering speed or judging when to sit in or attack with the wind – affects the outcome of your race.


What you see and experience is legitimate, proven athletic ability.

To ensure that every rider's performance is verified, we have a fully integrated and comprehensive suite of anti-cheat mechanisms – from built-in dual recording and encrypted protocols, to fully server-authoritative architecture that delivers unparalleled accuracy, precision and consistency of everyone's position in the virtual world.



Race and stream your own events, your own way.

We provide a wide range of interesting event formats, such as in-game individual and team points racing, elimination racing and competing on a velodrome, as well as the ability to put on and professionally broadcast your own custom events whenever you want, configured just as you like them.


Improve your training by consistently having great rides.

We ensure you always line up against others with a similar ability to yourself and get an amazing racing experience out of every ride by using automatic multi-player matchmaking based on a unique blend of Elo style win/loss rankings over different types of courses for every rider in every race.



Become a faster, fitter, stronger rider with the community.

We host regular community objectives and leaderboards that help you to connect with others, to inspire, encourage and motivate each other, and push everybody on to ever greater achievements.

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